Fourslide Spring & Stamping Since 1993

With our trained customer service specialists and internal communication technologies, Fourslide provide shipping and production information efficiently to our customers.Our engineering professionals and quality specialists can provide technical assistance and solutions when requested.Our dedicated and knowledgeable sales team can offer full service in quoting, prototyping, order processing, and manufacturing solutions.Fourslide Spring & Stamping now offers services in English and Chinese in order to accommodate today's global customers.

Our in-house tool room and tooling design capabilities allow us to modify as necessary to meet your specific needs while still providing the highest of quality at a minimal cost.

Fourslide Spring & Stamping is capable of assisting customers with various engineering requirements. Following are a few examples of our engineering services:
Tool Design and Fabrication, Die Maintenance
Computer Aided Design (CAD)
Cycle Testing
Spring Design Analysis and Design Assistance

​​Engineering Service

Customer Service

Fourslide metal stamping service requires an analysis of services offered, secondary operations, and additional manufacturing capabilities. Most stamping services provide engineering or design assistance, short-run production, high-volume production, assembly services and/or specialty packaging. Secondary operations include drilling or tapping, CNC machining, grinding, EDM cutting, water or abrasive jet cutting, heat treating or stress relieving, welding, anodizing, electroplating, painting or power coating, and the application of black oxide finished.

Fourslide Spring & Stamping is a custom metal stamping company producing four slide stamped components based on customer design specifications. We accept all stamping challenges to provide our customers with efficient solutions. In order to meet the growing needs and requirements of our customers, Fourslide offers the following in-house processes.Stress relievingCreep Tempering / Hot Setting/Spring Setting/Grinding/Shot Peening/Sorting/Painting

Assembly Service

Manufacturing Service