5G+ headset computers escort seamless steel pipe production and export

Recently, Zhejiang Jiuli Special Material Technology Co., Ltd. announced the creation of a “Juli 5G Smart Factory”, which will create a collection of 5G + big data analysis, 5G + Al product intelligent detection, 5G intelligent warehouse management, 5G + AR remote manufacturing supervision, etc. The application system improves the intelligent level of enterprise production management and plant management.
Among them, the 5G+AR remote manufacturing supervision based on Realwell Headset Computer has changed the previous seamless steel pipe production process that required a third-party inspection agency to supervise on-site manufacturing, and solved the problem of inconvenience in personnel travel. Order quality inspection and delivery problems reduce the number of rework and improve economic efficiency.
In the production workshop of the heat exchange tube factory of Jiuli Special Materials, the on-site staff can use the 5G+ headset computer to clearly and accurately transmit the on-site high-definition video situation through the 5G network to the remote manufacturing supervisors and remote experts in real time. ; Remote experts observe on-site conditions through rich media streams, and guide maintenance personnel to complete troubleshooting and repair through ultra-low latency 5G networks and headset computers to return remote identification, voice calls, model building, etc.