By raising 6.6 billion yuan, Zoomlion launched intelligent manufacturing of key parts

At the extraordinary general meeting of Zoomlion on August 12, “the proposal on the company’s non-public development of A-share shares” was passed by a high vote. The bill plans to issue no more than 1.249 billion shares of A-shares to four specific objects and raise a total of 6.6 billion yuan for the construction of a series of intelligent manufacturing projects, including two intelligent manufacturing projects of key parts of construction machinery.
Specifically, 2.4 billion yuan is used for mining mechanical intelligent manufacturing projects, 1.3 billion yuan is used for key parts intelligent manufacturing projects, 350 million yuan is used for intelligent manufacturing upgrading projects of agitators, 250 million yuan is used for key hydraulic components (hydraulic valves) intelligent manufacturing projects, and the remaining 2.3 billion yuan is used to supplement working capital.
“At present, domestic parts and related supporting equipment have reached a high level, but there is still room for improvement in the core parts and key hydraulic components and other fields.” Yang Duzhi, Director Secretary of Zoomlion, said that after the implementation of the project, the company plans to build a research and development and production base of high-end components in 5-10 years, so as to change the current situation of China’s high-end hydraulic products relying on import, and improve the anti risk ability of the company and the whole industry.
It is understood that the key parts intelligent manufacturing project will take Zoomlion smart city project as the carrier to undertake the production task of high-strength steel and sheet parts in smart city. After the completion of the project, the annual output of 350000 tons of high strength steel and 75000 sets of sheet metal parts can be achieved.