Congress Exhibition Reloading 2021-CME China Machine Tool Show 180,000 square meters super large-scale new set sail

On October 9th, CME China Machine Tool Show, the flagship exhibition of China Machinery Industry Exhibition, officially launched the 7th investment promotion in 2021. The order on the first day exceeded the 5 million mark. The participation of exhibitors and partners far exceeded expectations! The start of CME China Machine Tool Show in 2021 is winning!
180,000 square meters super large-scale new sail
Under the new strategy of “New Convention and Exhibition Community”, 2021CME China Machine Tool Show will break through the previous editions from multiple dimensions such as area, exhibitors, and audience. Founded 6 years ago, CME has always been the flagship exhibition of China Machinery Exhibition and has become a benchmark exhibition of China’s machine tool industry.
It is reported that the 7th CME will continue to select the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai Hongqiao) to be held, with an exhibition area of ​​180,000 square meters. It is expected that there will be 2,000+ exhibitors and 180,000+ professional visitors. There will be a metal cutting machine tool exhibition, a metal forming machine tool exhibition, and grinding. There are five major exhibition areas: Tool Show, Machine Tool Accessories Show, Smart Factory Show, and the China (Shanghai) Plastics Industry Exhibition and China Mould Industry Technology Exhibition will be held at the same time.
Create machine tool node marketing to subvert the industry’s new gameplay
Under the influence of multiple factors such as consumption upgrades, Internet technology promotion, and even the new crown epidemic, the changes in user catalyst methods, machine tool consumers and purchase habits have severely impacted traditional exhibitions and the exhibition industry is facing new marketing challenges.
China Machinery Exhibition actively embraces and integrates new digital marketing rules, shifting from traditional booth sales to building a channel with large traffic, condensing the CME exhibition period to 3 days (March 4-6, 2021), and making every effort to build node marketing in the machine tool industry , And through its own influence, combined with Mitsubishi, Makino, Hyundai Wia, Baoli, Chengqi, Doosan, Hanwha, Kowloon, Ibamia, Geli, Fanuc, Tsushang, Citizen, Komat and many other machine tools The industry’s leading brands have launched super-explosive products to help machine tool companies achieve node explosions and order harvesting with new marketing methods such as marketing advancement, node explosion, and hot products + platform buyer mode.
Build a strong exhibition ability with digitalization
China Machinery Exhibition is driven by technology, reshapes the structure, focuses on resources, and builds a strong exhibition organization capability with the upgrade of the digital industry chain.
After years of precipitation and in-depth operation, China Machinery Exhibition has built a 2.6 million + CRM audience system, 200,000 + fan official micro accounts, 100 + association famous enterprise teams and 380 intelligent customer call centers.
At the same time, China National Machinery Exhibition has multi-dimensional positioning and precise placement, integrating social media such as Douyin, Toutiao, Baidu, and Ali, integrating a newly upgraded brand image, and realizing channel-end data return through entertaining creativity, ensuring professional audience invitations and opening up The all-digital closed-loop transaction of customer acquisition, attention, purchase, etc., enables the entire exhibition operation to reach the highest level of efficiency, and brings the most direct economic benefits to exhibitors with actual results.
Value to users and efficiency to the market
After cultivating the exhibition industry for 17 years, China Machinery Exhibition has continuously explored market trends and led innovation. It was the first to propose the concept of transforming the value of the exhibition with the logic of China Chain Industry Exhibition, using layout to build scale and building digital service capabilities, and scale to force operational efficiency and cut Eliminate excess costs, and return the enhanced value and efficiency to exhibitors and users.
Through national unified operation, human, material and financial resources are shared across the country, and costs are centrally allocated to reduce participation costs by more than 30%.
The test of the epidemic in the first half of the year has further verified the unique advantages of the chain industry exhibition model. Therefore, China National Machinery Exhibition is more determined and actively promotes more efficient exhibition services. The value is attributed to the users and the efficiency is also the market. The CME site will continue to launch Major policies such as 500-4999 yuan purchase subsidies have made 2021CME an annual exhibition with high popularity, high turnover and high security.
2021CME’s new set sail with 180,000 square meters of super-large scale is a powerful manifestation of the power of the Congress Exhibition in the New Era. It is believed that China Machinery Exhibition will continue to improve its core strength to create a steady stream of new opportunities for the Chinese machine tool industry and bring vitality to the country’s economic development. Power.