Decoding FAW-Volkswagen’s “plus-minus multiplication and sub-divide”

In the first half of this year, FAW-Volkswagen achieved a double co-ordination of scientific epidemic prevention and resumption of production, winning the China passenger car market sales championship for 6 consecutive months. While leading the auto market strongly, FAW-Volkswagen has strongly led to a comprehensive recovery of the entire industrial chain and regional economy.
Recently, Jilin Province and Changchun City, a number of media reporters walked into FAW-Volkswagen base – Changchun base, deep into FAW-Volkswagen’s “addition and subtract.” FAW-Volkswagen director, party secretary, general manager Liu Yigong, FAW-Volkswagen (first) Deputy General Manager of Finance Dr. Shi Ander attended the event, on how to continue to do a good job of investment and research and development “addition”, optimize the upgrading of the industrial chain “subtract”, digital-driven enterprise transformation “multiplication”, continue to expand international cooperation “division”, and media reporters conducted in-depth exchanges.
FAW-Volkswagen director, party secretary, general manager Liu Yigong and media reporters in-depth communication.
“Addition”: continue to increase investment and research and development efforts to further expand industrial clusters.
FAW-Volkswagen director, party secretary and general manager Liu Yigong reviewed and summarized the achievements in the first half of the year. He said that FAW-Volkswagen in the first half of the good results, is the sincere cooperation between China and Germany, Jilin provincial government, Changchun municipal government strongly support, as well as the “full value chain” to create a common progress, all FAW-Volkswagen employees work together to bear fruit.
Regarding the future planning of Changchun base, Liu Yigong said FAW-Volkswagen will continue to do a good job of investment and research and development “addition”. In the next two years, FAW-Volkswagen will invest 17.7 billion yuan in its Changchun base to build its base into a model factory for five and six factories, further expanding industrial clusters. He also pointed out that, as a representative of the joint venture, FAW-Volkswagen has always focused on “local research and development of the full value chain” and constantly improve its research and development capabilities. After the completion of the ground-breaking new technology development center, FAW-Volkswagen will realize the full development chain work in addition to the wind tunnel test, and lay a more solid foundation for the future development of the enterprise.
FAW-Volkswagen Director, Party Secretary and General Manager Liu Yigong Introduces FAW-Volkswagen’s “Addition and Subtract”
Subtract: Speed up product updates and drive the optimization and upgrading of the entire industrial chain.
In investment and research and development to do “addition” at the same time, FAW-Volkswagen will also carry out product updates to promote the industrial chain upgrade of the “subtract.” Liu Yigong introduced that based on the harmonious development of the city, FAW-Volkswagen will speed up product updates at the Changchun base and keep the high-end models of the Volkswagen and Audi brands in Changchun under the premise of maintaining the existing production capacity scale. In the next two years, FAW-Volkswagen will launch two VW-branded B-Class SUVs, as well as Audi’s high-end brands. Through product replacement and renewal, continue to drive the optimization and upgrading of the entire industrial chain, and continuously enhance the competitiveness and support of the industrial system.
“Multiplication”: To promote digital transformation and improve the overall operational efficiency of enterprises.
Digitization is an important focus of multiplication. Liu also stressed that digital transformation is the key to improve the user experience and improve the operational efficiency of enterprises, FAW-Volkswagen will continue to promote digital transformation from both product and management aspects. In the digitalization of products, will enhance the training of talent and continue to increase investment in areas such as vehicle networking. In managing digital transformation, FAW-Volkswagen will continue to systematically improve the operational effectiveness of enterprises through digital empowerment, innovation of marketing system, lean production system, transparency of procurement system, etc.
“Divide”: strengthen international exchanges, for the automotive industry “new four” to create more value.
In the face of the new challenges and opportunities brought about by industrial changes, FAW-Volkswagen will continue to do a good job in raising the level of openness and strengthening international exchanges. Dr. Shi Ander, deputy general manager of FAW-Volkswagen First (Finance), said FAW-Volkswagen maintains close ties with research and development worldwide. This will continue to drive enterprises to achieve system-wide quality improvement. At present, the South China base MEB factory has completed the transformation, the first MEB model will also be launched this year. It also means that FAW-Volkswagen will embark on a new electric car journey.
Dr. Ander, Deputy General Manager of FAW-Volkswagen First (Finance), is very confident about the future of China’s automotive market.
Dr. Schander is very confident about the future prospects of China’s automotive market. It can be expected that the Chinese market will remain the world’s largest single car market in the future. FAW-Volkswagen China-Germany team will continue to deepen cooperation, promote digital, electric transformation, help the automotive industry “new four”, to achieve win-win progress.
During the event, media reporters also visited FAW-Volkswagen’s advanced research and development and quality insurance system, and visited the vehicle passive safety crash test, tightening technology laboratory, industrial CT laboratory and vehicle odor module. Media reporters have said that after visiting these laboratories, which represent the advanced level of the world’s automotive industry, they are confident about the future development of enterprises.
FAW-Volkswagen has the world’s leading production, research and development, quality control, procurement and service, such as a full range of strong system strength.
In the year of creation, move forward. In the second half of 2020, FAW-Volkswagen will continue to promote “addition, subtract and divide”, continue to deepen innovation, and constantly consolidate the potential for development, bring users more pleasant car life, for the high-quality development of the local regional economy, China’s automotive industry transformation and upgrading to contribute more strength.