Fantour: marching forward in development and innovation

Fantour China’s current product applications focus on three major automotive systems: seat adjustment mechanism, powertrain system and safety parts.
Taicang factory has maintained good business cooperation with more than 20 customers, and its products are exported to overseas markets such as India, the United States and Brazil. Tianjin factory has become a leading manufacturer of automobile transmission system gear hub products with advanced equipment technology level and production capacity in China and even in the world. The products are matched with the transmission systems of many top automobile manufacturers. The four press production lines in Tianjin factory have the capacity to produce more than 15 million high precision cold formed parts per year.
In addition, fantour actively arranges in the new energy industry, and vigorously innovates the related core parts and processes, so as to comply with the trend of electrification sweeping the entire automobile industry.
In 2018, fantour acquired stanz und laser Technik Jessen GmbH (hereinafter referred to as “Jessen company”), which opened a new page in the layout of new energy vehicle industry. Jessen company has a history of more than 120 years. In recent 60 years, it has been focusing on the production and manufacturing of high-performance motor cores, actively cooperating with the automotive electrification strategy of leading international automobile manufacturers, and providing core parts of main drive motor for these manufacturers. At the same time, in the face of the global rapid growth of fuel cells, fantour has also successfully launched a new generation of high-performance metal bipolar plates, which makes the fuel cell metal stack smaller in size and higher in power density, and has a process basis for large-scale production.
Constantly breaking through technical limits
Fantour has a special business model: it is not only the supplier of complete set of fine blanking equipment, but also the producer of fine blanking parts. In order to avoid business competition with most of the press customers, the parts produced by fantour are very difficult, usually at S2 and S3 levels, which also makes fantour continuously break through the limit of fine blanking technology.
The research and development of fine blanking technology is comprehensive. Feintour and four top universities in the world in material processing engineering: Federal Institute of technology, Zurich, Germany, Munich University of technology, Aachen University of technology and Shanghai Jiaotong University all have joint research rooms for fine blanking. These joint laboratories and the R & D center of Swiss headquarters have made comprehensive and in-depth research on the whole process chain of fine blanking, including press, mold, process, materials, fine blanking auxiliary materials, equipment maintenance, etc.
Die is one of the core of fine blanking technology. Fantour’s fine blanking die is in the leading position in the world in the same industry as its production equipment, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
(1) the punching times and the degree of automation are very high. With the Xft series high-speed fine blanking machine, the stamping speed of some fine blanking parts can reach hundreds of times per minute. The die is the first mock exam structure and the automatic discharge system is reliable.
(2) the integration of other processes is very high. More stamping processes are coupled into the die, such as drawing, bending, punching, counterbore, bulging and forming.
(3) highly finished parts. For example, the shaving tool developed to solve the problem of excessive tooth collapse angle, in tool deburring directly in the mold, and the special mold for local thickening of parking pawl.
Cold forming technology is another cutting-edge process of fantour die forming, which is used to produce shell parts with tooth profile. The cold forming technology of faintour uses three-dimensional transmission multi-step progressive die to complete various sheet forming processes on large tonnage Servo Presses (usually 1600-2000 tons), including blanking, deep drawing and reverse drawing, bending, punching, etc. Take the gear hub product as an example, the internal and external tooth profile is completed by rolling with the inner axial roller of the die, with very high precision; the sheet metal itself will produce work hardening in the process of extrusion and drawing, so that the structural strength of the gear hub is strengthened again, and the product weight is very light, but the strength is very high. More importantly, the production efficiency of cold forming process and fine blanking process is much higher than that of traditional machining process.
In Taicang’s fine blanking plant and Tianjin’s cold forming plant, more than 100000 fine blanking and cold formed tooth shaped parts are produced every day, which are continuously supplied to the customers all over the world. The unique fine blanking and cold forming technology makes fantour a supplier for large-scale and economic production of complex precision parts, and the only complete technology supplier in the world.