Fantour: marching forward in development and innovation

Adjust measures to local conditions and train talents
The development of an enterprise is inseparable from the excellent employees, and the strong employees make the enterprise strong.
Since he entered China, he has been sparing no effort to develop and build a talent team. Because of the particularity and complexity of fine blanking process, the company has always put the staff training in a very important position. “Taicang factory’s first batch of employees, press operators, mold maintenance workers and quality inspectors have been trained overseas for up to half a year. Until today, these employees are basically serving the company, and they have become the backbone and intermediate force of the whole company. ” Bao Xiangjun introduced the company’s staff training to us.
“In addition, in order to continue the business development, we also learned from the mature experience of foreign brother companies, and introduced the apprenticeship system, namely FEINTOOL apprenticeship program, according to local conditions. First of all, students are selected from vocational and technical schools and colleges, and the company’s customized special training plan is introduced in the early stage of students’ enrollment; when students graduate, they have undergone a very comprehensive theoretical and practical training, and they can be used by the company quickly after entering the job. The introduction of the apprentice internship system effectively complements the needs of the company’s future workshop technical posts. ”
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The product is precise and reliable in quality
“Quality, precision and reliability” is the label of fantour China. Since its establishment, the company has introduced the advanced and mature product quality management system of fantour group. Taicang factory and Tianjin factory have passed the certification of IATF 16949 quality system. While implementing total quality management, the company is also committed to organically combine “Swiss technology, Japanese lean and Chinese speed” to continuously improve the production process and process to meet the needs of customers.
“My colleagues and I have a high degree of consensus on quality management. Quality is more and more important for a fine blanking enterprise. The products we supply are usually automotive safety parts, which are basically used in very demanding fields. To some extent, the quality of products directly determines the life and death of enterprises. At the same time, the quality of products determines the strength of the core competitiveness of fine blanking enterprises and the rise and fall of enterprises themselves. Excellent product quality must come from the stable process quality inside the factory, and the stable process quality must depend on the work quality of each employee. ” Bao talked to the army about quality management.
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Fine cleaning enterprises under the impact of epidemic situation
Affected by the new crown epidemic, the global manufacturing industry declined to varying degrees. What is the survival status of fine blanking enterprises under the impact of epidemic situation? How can enterprises get out of the predicament? Let’s hear what Bao Xiangjun says.
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Bao Xiangjun said: “the impact of the epidemic on fine blanking enterprises is actually much smaller than that of ordinary stamping plants. To a large extent, this is because the fine blanking itself is a relatively small market; in addition, the capital and technical threshold of fine blanking enterprises is relatively high, which is relatively difficult to replace for the market.
“But even so, the short-term business interruption has had a very negative impact on the achievement of the annual business objectives of fine blanking manufacturers. As the managers of intensive cleaning enterprises, they should not only actively plan the short and medium-term financial and business response measures after the epidemic, but also reflect on how to improve the internal strength of enterprises in the new business environment and competitive situation at the strategic level. Steadily promote the realization of medium and long-term goals and business layout of enterprises.
“At the same time, the epidemic also suggests that some adjustments can be made to some of the previous office management and communication modes of the fine Chong enterprises. With the support of cloud technology, big data and virtual reality technology, office management and communication with customers and suppliers can be online. To maintain normal online operation, it is bound to force enterprises to reorganize their internal management systems and processes, so as to reduce costs and increase efficiency, so as to promote a new round of reform of enterprises themselves. Second, the new crown also allows us to re-examine the automation and intelligent level of the production system. In this wave of epidemic, enterprises with high production line automation not only have stronger shock resistance, but also have greater competitive advantages in terms of cost.
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“I am very pleased that after the outbreak of the new coronavirus, Tianjin factory actively deployed various supplies on the basis of fully ensuring the safety and health of its employees. At the same time, it strengthened and adjusted the organization and management internally, and rapidly adjusted and optimized the production and management structure. In the second month of resuming production, we have achieved a significant increase in production efficiency in the shortest time, and achieved the second highest monthly output in the factory history. “