Fantour: marching forward in development and innovation

Fine blanking, i.e. precision blanking, is different from ordinary stamping and blanking in that three-dimensional force is introduced into fine blanking. The parts processed by fine blanking have good flatness and perpendicularity, and have bright cut-off section without tearing. In most cases, the cutting edge of parts does not need subsequent processing. Moreover, the parts have been clamped in the mold, and the flatness is also very good.
Swiss faintour group (hereinafter referred to as “faintour”) is the first to realize the industrialization of fine blanking technology, and has carried out comprehensive and in-depth research and development of fine blanking technology in the following 60 years. As the leader of fine blanking industry, the fine blanking process of fantour covers all aspects of parts design and sample, engineering design, mold design and parts mass production. In order to have a more comprehensive understanding of the advanced fine blanking technology, the reporters from forging and stamping magazine went to faintour precision parts (Taicang) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Taicang factory”) and faintour automobile parts (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Tianjin factory”), and conducted fine blanking technology with Dr. Bao Xiangjun, general manager of China region of faintour parts division In depth exchanges.
Pearl on the crown of material processing engineering
The relationship between Bao Xiangjun and faintour began in his postgraduate study stage. Twenty years ago, Bao Xiangjun studied in Shanghai Jiaotong University and Aachen University of technology in Germany. The two universities had high attainments in the field of material processing engineering. They also established joint research rooms of fine blanking technology with faintour. The research office often held some academic lectures and exchange activities. Bao Xiangjun is one of these universities Regular visitors to the event. “Fine blanking technology is like the Pearl on the crown of material processing engineering, which left me an indelible impression at that time.” Bao Xiangjun talked about his yearning for fine blanking technology during his schooling.
After the financial crisis in 2008, fantour readjusted its development strategy and returned to the core business from the previous business diversification. At the same time, in order to meet the customers’ demand for localization of key parts in the Chinese market, the production business of fantour parts has officially entered the Chinese market. At the end of 2009, baoxiangjun was the first employee of feintour’s parts business department in China with the intention of introducing advanced fine blanking technology into China, and was responsible for the preparation of the first Chinese factory of faintour.
The development of the two places goes hand in hand
Taicang factory was established in July 2010. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of faintour in China. Since its establishment, the headquarter has provided a lot of capital and technical support to the company, and Taicang factory has developed rapidly. Tianjin factory is the brother company of Taicang factory, which belongs to feintour parts business department. Tianjin factory acquired from Schuler group of Germany in 2017. The factory adopts highly integrated multi-step cold forming technology, focusing on the mass production of cold forming products such as automobile double clutch and automatic transmission.
At present, Taicang factory has built nine fine blanking production lines, covering from the most traditional 160 tons of mechanical fine blanking machines to 880 tons of hydraulic high-speed fine blanking machines. In order to meet the needs of immediate assembly at the client end, Taicang is equipped with a wealth of processing equipment for subsequent processes, including belt grinding, double end face grinding, polishing grinding, vibration grinding, riveting, press fitting, parts cleaning and automatic sorting.
Tianjin factory is equipped with the world’s top 1600 tons of double servo press and 2000 tons of direct servo press, each of which is second to none in the world in terms of processing capacity and technical content. In addition to the cold forming process, Tianjin factory also has a variety of processing technology and supporting top equipment. At present, the production lines that have been put into production include laser welding assembly line, dynamic balance adjustment, vibration grinding and cleaning processes. These follow-up processes are combined with cold forming process to meet customers’ differentiated requirements in the field of precision powertrain.
Based on traditional industries, layout new energy market
Fine blanking and cold forming precision parts developed by fantour are applied in many fields. Take automobile as an example, there are up to 200 fine blanking and cold forming parts used in each car. More than 90% of such precision parts are produced by the parts manufacturing company of faintour and its customers of fine blanking press.