Hardware spring and the development of transportation industry

At present, my country’s transportation market provides supporting and maintenance springs for industries such as automobiles, motorcycles, diesel engines and railways. This is the most important and promising market for the spring industry.
In the next 5-7 years, China’s automobile industry will enter a stage of rapid development, with an annual growth rate of 15-25%. In 2003, the demand for suspension springs is expected to be close to 10 million, and the demand for stabilizers is 1.6 million. The rapid development of the automobile industry has had an obvious pulling effect on the spring industry. It has become the largest customer in the spring industry and has attracted the attention of foreign spring colleagues.
Another major potential market for the spring industry is the railway system. With the deepening of the reform of the railway system, the gradual opening of the market and the implementation of high-speed railway planning, the vehicle shock absorption system is facing upgrading, and the installation of new vibration and noise reduction components on the railway line will bring huge business opportunities to the spring industry. Some spring companies are listed as designated units of high-speed train springs by the Ministry of Railways, and some units are developing rubber-metal composite springs for vibration and noise reduction of high-speed railway tracks. At present, the railway system market has just begun to open to the external system. Although the degree of openness is not large, the potential is considerable.
In the next few years, the motorcycle industry will not have much growth, and will still maintain the current annual output of 13 million units. The demand for motorcycle shock absorber springs and clutch springs will remain at the level of 50 million and 40 million. The increase in requirements, the decrease in the proportion of two-stroke motorcycles and the increase in the proportion of four-stroke motorcycles, will bring a certain increase in valve springs.
Driven by the diesel engineization of trucks, the diesel engine manufacturing industry will increase the volume of fuel injection pumps, and the market demand for supporting fuel pump springs will increase year-on-year.