In the post-epidemic era, how can the forging industry develop real “immunity”?

In the post-epidemic era, how can the forging industry develop real “immunity”?
After half a year of working together to fight the epidemic, the domestic epidemic has basically stabilized at this stage, and all walks of life are trying their best to “recover”. It seems that the impact of the epidemic is gradually digesting. However, we must realize that the epidemic brought to the forging industry not only the appearance of restricted business trips and delayed exhibitions. In the post-epidemic era, how should the forging industry develop its real “immunity”?
01Changes and Breakthrough
Grasp the changing points of the market and realize the breakthrough of industrial chain reconstruction
In the early stage of the epidemic, most of the industrial chains closely related to the forging industry encountered the risk of chain disconnection. Among them, the auto parts supply chain was particularly affected. After realizing the problem, companies responded quickly and continuously sought the industrial chain for six months. And the substitute of the supply chain, actively enhancing the resilience of its own industrial chain and supply chain.
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Although the import and export situation will still be affected by the epidemic in the short term, all sectors of society have noticed the importance of returning to manufacturing, especially basic manufacturing. In the foreseeable future, companies in the forging industry need to pay special attention to some market changes, such as product inspection and quarantine standards, and the balance between quality and industrial aesthetics.
02 Technology and Theory
Technology is still the key, and cross-study of basic theories must persist
It is not a day’s work that an enterprise can stand up in difficult times, or even rise and show strong competitiveness. Behind this is the development and integration of practical technology and basic theory, and the continuous improvement of its own core technology and craftsmanship. Innovation, the epidemic also reminded to a certain extent the necessity of keeping technical files in the forging industry.
The picture shows the visit to the 2019 Forging Automation and Information Conference
Looking at the development of the forging industry in recent years, it is not difficult to find that the process technology and equipment are somewhat slow. The reason is that on the one hand, it is related to the accuracy of the design and production details. On the other hand, the basic theory has not been special for many years. For innovation, in the future, companies can consider interdisciplinary research (such as electromechanical + information) to obtain new discoveries.
03Transformation and characteristics
Make good use of the “reverse method” to form a differentiated automation transformation
Different from the virtual economy such as finance, when it comes to innovation, the forging industry first thinks of technological innovation, but often ignores management innovation. In fact, good management innovation is a catalyst for technological innovation, and it will definitely promote technological progress. With a dedicated person to do special tasks, you can try to apply the “reverse method” commonly used in industry to corporate management to form a complete professional team.
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The outbreak of this epidemic has accelerated the pace of automation transformation and upgrading. Efficient operation, stable production and high production are no longer the only pursuits of current outstanding companies. Differentiation and rationalization are upgraded together, and compound and professional talents are the guarantee. The key for forging companies to further their basic development.
04Experience and original intention
Seeking truth from facts and turning complexity into simplicity, original intention and enthusiasm are both important
What we can’t deny is that seeking truth from facts is still the mainstream ideology needed in this era, but as everyone’s habit of receiving information and learning methods gradually become concise and clear, how to simplify the complexity and directly hit the main points will also become a manifestation of corporate wisdom and charm. One way.
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Compared with material, efforts driven by spirit will last longer. This is one of the reasons why we often say that we never forget our original intention. For the forging industry, experience is very important, but not necessarily effective. We need enthusiasm and passion to continuously adjust and change our inherent model with the changes in the general environment to better learn, understand, practice and catch up with the industry Change.
05Respect and win-win
Respect trustworthy competitors and build a true industrial culture confidence
The epidemic has made companies more cautious in exiting and entering the industry market, but it should be noted that competing for users is not the same as competing for orders. Instead of making a profit of about 20% to grab a mature product from others, it is better to focus on new products. Compete vigorously with each other, starting from technology and design cooperation.
The picture shows the site of the 2019 Forging Automation and Information Conference
The so-called high quality and low price, small profits but quick turnover are essentially contrary to the value price theory. Respecting trustworthy opponents in competition is a good choice for mutual benefit. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, more foreigners have begun to think about and study what the Chinese often call “win-win and self”. This time, the construction of a true industrial culture in our country has begun.
The wind rises at the end of Qingping, and the waves become between the waves. Over the past six months, the entire industry has become more aware that “hibernating” passive waiting cannot help everyone out of the cold winter. In this special period, can you be sensitive It is especially important for companies to capture new changes, new trends, and new opportunities in the industry.