Iphone metal casing supplier was acquired!

Lens Technology (300433) announced on the evening of August 18 that the company and its wholly-owned subsidiary Lens International Co., Ltd., Lyra International Co., Ltd. and Catcher Technology Co., Ltd. signed an agreement on August 18, 2020. In the “Equity Sale and Purchase Agreement”, Lens International intends to acquire 100% of the shares of Winner Technology (Taizhou) Co., Ltd. and Winner Technology (Taizhou) Co., Ltd. held by the seller for 9.9 billion yuan in cash. The company provides guarantees for the performance of Lens International, and Catcher Technology provides guarantees for the performance of the sellers.
Catcher Technology is a leading manufacturer of magnesium alloy die-casting in Taiwan, and is currently a component supplier of Apple’s iPhone, MacBook and iPad. Lens Technology is a listed company in the Mainland that develops, produces and sells high-end window touch protective glass panels, touch modules and new window touch protective materials as its main business.
Catcher Technology also stated in a statement today that Lens Technology will acquire 100% of its two subsidiaries, Catcher Technology (Taizhou) Co., Ltd. and Keli Technology (Taizhou) Co., Ltd., with cash. Of the two subsidiaries, one company’s sales accounted for 40% of Catcher’s total sales in 2019. The transaction is still subject to government approval and is expected to be completed before the end of this year.