Mitsubishi announced a breakthrough in the application of hydrogen energy

The solutions introduced by Mitsubishi Electric Power include the Hydaptive kit and Hystore kit. Hydaptive software aims to provide the flexibility of renewable energy through nearly instantaneous power balance resources, thereby greatly enhancing the ability of simple cycle or combined cycle power plants to increase/decrease power to enhance the ability of grid balancing services. It integrates a gas turbine power plant and an electrolysis hydrogen production unit, and combines on-site hydrogen storage to produce 100% renewable electricity.
The patent-pending TOMONI software and controls achieve fast load response by integrating the operation of the gas turbine and electrolysis device. The software package can be used for new gas turbine power plants, as well as for upgrading existing power plants to improve plant flexibility and extend asset life.
The Hystore kit combined with the Hydaptive kit can combine large-scale off-site hydrogen production and storage infrastructure to achieve large-scale renewable energy storage, which can extend renewable energy that changes over time from hours of operation to all-weather.
Mitsubishi Power said that through these software packages, it can optimize the integration between renewable energy, energy storage and gas turbines, and they can co-create and use green hydrogen, which is the key to achieving zero carbon emissions.
The green hydrogen energy storage system includes three key elements. First, the electrolysis plant converts the excess electricity from renewable energy sources into hydrogen; then according to the needs of the grid, this “green hydrogen” is stored for hours to several seasons through storage media such as salt caves, pipelines or ships on the ground; finally, it is burned Hydrogen simple cycle or combined cycle gas turbine power plants convert green hydrogen into electricity that can be centrally dispatched. Combined, the storage system can achieve a further balance of renewable energy, providing reliable and cost-effective power while achieving its climate goals.
Today, Mitsubishi Power Corporation also announced three new projects with a total investment of more than 3 billion US dollars. These projects can use the Hydaptive kit to convert natural gas into hydrogen energy. Each of these projects includes power islands based on Mitsubishi JAC gas turbines. These power islands can initially be operated with 30% green hydrogen fuel and will be operated with 100% green hydrogen fuel in the future.
The first project is located at Danskammer Energy Company in Newburgh, New York, USA, with a power generation capacity of 600 MW.
William Reid, CEO of Danskammer Energy, said: “We are committed to helping New York achieve its climate goals. We chose Mitsubishi Power’s products because it will make our power plants zero-carbon power generation. Through the development of cooperation with Mitsubishi Power With integrated green hydrogen generation and storage technology, we hope to play a leading role in developing New York State’s short- and long-term energy storage infrastructure.”
The second project is located in Balico, Virginia.
Balico’s CEO Irfan K. Ali said: “Balico has received full approval for the 1600 MW Shikamini power generation project and is ready to provide Virginia with the world’s most efficient and reliable gas turbine technology. The company is excited about the prospect of further improving the environment based on innovative renewable hydrogen technology.”
The third project is located at Ember Clear in Cadiz, Ohio, with a power generation of 1084 megawatts.
Raj Suri, President and CEO of EmberClear, said: “We look forward to the flexibility that Mitsubishi Power Generation Technology will provide in achieving green hydrogen integration. We hope that this power plant will become the first hydrogen production project to achieve commercial operations east of the Mississippi River. We also plan to carry out similar projects in eastern Pennsylvania.”
Mitsubishi Power’s solutions include technology, service and finance.
Paul Browning, President and CEO of Mitsubishi Electric Americas, said: “We previously announced two green hydrogen projects in the Utah Delta. This is the inspiration for the Hystore software suite, which provides Long-term storage of renewable energy. We are now announcing three other projects that will use the Hydaptive software suite to greatly increase the flexibility of power plants, and as the hydrogen infrastructure matures and the demand for renewable energy storage increases, power generation The plant is preparing for hydrogen. These standard software packages provide a complete solution for customers seeking to integrate power generation and energy storage. With the arrival of these and other projects, we will create a zero-carbon grid leading to the future A true path.”