These constant force spring, Spiral Spring and power springs are of the same family and differ only in operation from a single pull, like a tape measure, to a counter balancing of two combined springs, which give a smooth and constant pull. These springs require sophisticated design engineering and we run computer software on each requirement to ensure the validity of your design. 

Conforce precision springs offer high force output with very small space requirements, provide long linear reach with minimal force buildup, and store power indefinitely when extended. These precision springs are ideal for a wide variety of applications where constant force is needed,including applications requiring smooth returning and retrieving, counterbalancing applications, and tensioning and loading applications. 

Because there are a number of different spring design possibilities for a given application it is suggested that you consult with a Fourslide Spring & Stamping  engineer early in the design phase. 

Capabilities of Constant Force Spring Spiral Spring:
Up to 5mm strip material in many widths & thickness. 

Materials of Constant Force Spring Spiral Spring: 
Constant Force & Power Springs are manufactured from a wide variety of materials including carbon steel and stainless steel and many others. 

Equipment of Constant Force Spring Spiral Spring: 
State of the art constant force machines