An extension spring is the opposite of a compression spring, as push now becomes pull. Like compression springs they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. One of the most critical factors with these extension springs is the design of the hook. If done incorrectly, this can result in failure. 

At Fourslide Spring & Stamping  we use special computer extension spring design software on every application to ensure proper spring life and design correctness. 

Capabilities of Extension Spring: 
Up to 10mm diameter 

Materials of Extension Spring: 
Springs are manufactured from a wide variety of materials including music wire, hard drawn, oil tempered, galvanized wire, stainless steels and phosphor bronze, as well as exotics such as pre plated materials (gold, silver, tin) inconel, chrome vanadium and many others. 

Equipment of Extension Spring: 
State of the art CNC wire forming capability as well as conventional spring coiling machines.