• Four Slide,Multi Slides,Verti Slides with different specifications.

    • Low Cost Tooling is Guaranteed;
    • Specialists in the Manufacture of Miniature Formed Parts;
    • Close Tolerances on Stamped Parts;
    • Large or Small Quantities in Prototypes;
    • Ultra Competitive Pricing with Stamping & CNC Technology.

Slide Forming Machinery is accurate, repeatable and powerful. Fourslide, Multislide and Vertislide machines often prove economical for the productionof intricate springs, stampings and wire forms. By eliminating the carrying strip and utilizing material efficiently, tooling costs can be reduced.

​Fourslide metal stamping, a process that integrates stamping and forming operations, creates stamped metal parts and wire forms from strips and wire consisting of steel, copper, aluminum, bronze and many other metals. From these stock metal strips, manufacturers create small, intricate parts, which may require bends greater than 90°. During slide forming, sliding tools glide into the metal blank from four directions at right angles to one another, bending the metal around a vertical mandrel. The slide forming area is equipped with timed mechanisms called cams, which regulate slide movement. These additional movements allow fourslides to produce complex parts with multiple bends and twists. Highly versatile and precise fourslide metal stamping machines can perform a number of operations before ejecting the part, sometimes completely producing a part in one four-slide operation.

Fourslide tools can cost substantially less than power press tools and produces accurate repeatable parts. Complex forming operations that add cost to the progressive tooling can be formed easily on a Fourslide.

Multislide is basically the same as the Fourslide, but with up to 8 slides for extra forming motions. A Multislide is also a bit stronger than a Fourslide to accommodate thicker parts.

Vertislide is a Fourslide or Multislide machine with the sides and tooling in a vertical position

Electrical Contacts:Battery Contact,Battery Springs,assembly services.

Capabilities of Four Slide,Multi Slides,Verti Slides:
Up to 10mm wire diameter.
Up to 3mm strip material thickness.

Materials of Four Slide Multi Slides Verti Slides:
Fourslides are manufactured from a wide variety of materials including music wire, hard drawn, oil tempered, galvanized wire, stainless steels, and phosphor bronze, as well as exotics such as pre-plated materials (gold, silver, tin), inconel, chrome vanadium and many others.

Equipment of Four Slide Multi Slides Verti Slides:
Fourslides in a wide variety of sizes from 0 up to 38 tons