Rolls-Royce will close a US engine parts plant

According to a report by USA Today on August 16, British aircraft engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce (Rolls-Royce) plans to close its aircraft parts manufacturing plant in Virginia in mid-2021 due to the epidemic.
Rolls-Royce spokesman Donald Campbell (Donald Campbell) said in a statement last Saturday that the closure of the factory will result in the cancellation of 280 jobs as a result of the decline in aviation business due to the epidemic. Last Friday, the factory’s employees had been notified of the final layoff decision.
According to reports, Rolls-Royce’s plant in Crosspointe was put into use in 2011, mainly producing parts for Trent 1000, Pearl 15 and Pearl 700 series engines. In addition, the plant also manufactures blisks and turbine blades. The plant is Rolls-Royce’s first manufacturing plant in Virginia and the fourth plant to be closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.