Schaeffler and Bosch reached a partnership

Recently, Schaeffler Group and Robert Bosch Automotive Steering Systems Co., Ltd. established a development partnership, and the two parties will cooperate in the field of intelligent rear-wheel steering systems. The cooperation aims to promote the company’s business development in this area by creating an integrated solution for rear-wheel steering.
Dr. Keiwan Kashi (right), President of the Schaeffler Group Chassis Electromechanical System Business Unit, and Dr. Stefan Waschul, Head of Passenger Vehicle Steering Systems at Robert Bosch Automotive Steering Systems (left), signed a development cooperation agreement on behalf of both parties.
According to the content of the cooperation between the two parties, Schaeffler will provide mechatronics rear-wheel steering system (iRWS), and Bosch will use its expertise in software and electronics to provide steering control units.
Schaeffler Rear Wheel Steering System
Evolution and Development of Mechatronics Technology
In 2015, Schaeffler successfully launched the mechatronics intelligent active roll control system (iARC), and directly used the relevant experience of this product in the development of the mechatronics rear-wheel steering system. Schaeffler’s mechatronics intelligent rear-wheel steering system can improve driving comfort and safety, which has obvious advantages in today’s rapidly developing urban traffic. When the rear wheels turn opposite to the front wheels, the system can reduce the turning radius of the vehicle, thereby greatly improving the vehicle’s flexibility in small spaces, such as when parking in a crowded city.
Schaeffler Rear Wheel Steering System Unit
In addition, the auxiliary steering function of the rear axle improves the handling, stability and riding comfort of the vehicle, as well as the safety of the vehicle. Schaeffler’s rear-wheel steering system uses lightweight technology, with a maximum total weight of only 8kg. The core of the system is a planetary screw mechanism, which has a self-locking function and excellent efficiency, which can ensure that the rear wheels maintain the driving direction without the driver’s steering operation. At the same time, the system has been optimized for noise, which is especially suitable for low-noise electric vehicles.
Bosch steering control unit
Help improve driving safety
In the cooperation between the two parties, Bosch is responsible for providing the steering control unit. The unit integrates the control electronics module, motor and software system, adopts a modular design and is expandable. It is the basis for realizing the driver assistance function of Schaeffler’s new generation of rear-wheel steering system.
The control unit uses Bosch’s security technology, which can effectively defend against network attacks. In addition, the system also supports OTA remote upgrade. According to the signal from the steering wheel torque sensor, the electronic controller of the steering control unit calculates the best steering assist, and then transmits the assist torque through the motor. In addition to the torque applied by the driver on the steering wheel, the system also considers many other vehicle parameters in the calculation.