Schneider Electric built a green smart factory with the Ningde era.

On August 5, Schneider Electric and Ningde Time Online “cloud contract” reached a strategic partnership, the two sides will be “green smart plant”, “new energy generation”, “safe electricity”, “energy storage” and other fields to carry out a series of cooperation, including the Ningde era to help Schneider Electric to achieve the strategic goal of lithium battery replacement lead-acid.
According to the agreement, Schneider Electric and Ningde Era will cooperate in the fields of “green smart plant”, “new energy generation”, “safe electricity” and “energy storage”. Schneider Electric will provide a full range of services for the planning and implementation of green smart manufacturing projects in the Ningde era, helping the Ningde era to build advanced green smart factories.
The Ningde era will also help Schneider Electric achieve the strategic goal of replacing lead-acid with lithium batteries and jointly expand the emerging lithium battery application market, while Schneider Electric and Ningde era have similar customer groups and complementary products in energy and other markets, and the two sides will work together to build a small distributed energy platform to open up new energy storage applications in data centers, industry and commerce.