Weilai + BAIC lead! The first domestic safety standard for power exchange passed the review

Recently, the recommended national standard GB / T “safety requirements for electric vehicle swapping” drafted by BAIC new energy, Weilai and Zhongqi center has passed the review. This is the first national standard on “power exchange” so far, which will provide guidance for the healthy and comprehensive development of power exchange mode.
In GB / T In the content of “safety requirements for electric vehicle replacement”, the key elements such as the whole vehicle, the power exchange system, the battery pack, the power exchange mechanism and the power exchange interface are taken as the research objects. The potential failure modes in the process of power exchange and vehicle driving are fully analyzed, and the general safety requirements, vehicle safety requirements and system component safety requirements of the electric vehicle are determined, and the corresponding test and inspection are proposed Measurement method.
Among them, according to the operation times of electricity exchange, through the analysis of the technical scheme difference between the buckle connection and the bolt connection, the actual operation scene and operation data of the vehicle, the minimum power change times requirements of 5000 times (buckle type) and 1500 times (bolt type) are put forward respectively, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of the user in the design service life of the vehicle. It is reported that the “three minute power change” advocated by the manufacturer is likely to be shortened to one minute in the future. At that time, the real realization of charging “as fast as refueling”.
At present, the problems of few public charging facilities and long charging time restrict the development of new energy vehicle industry to a certain extent, and the development of “power exchange mode” will effectively improve these problems, which is worth looking forward to!